About Kostja

Kostja Ribnik was born in 1979 in Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he graduated from the High School of Arts. Subsequently, he decided to be a musician so he played in a few ‘free jazz’ bands as a mandolin player. In the past ten years he became an avid music record collector. He also graduated from the University of Sarajevo with a degree in journalism.

In 2012 he started making comics and publishing them online. 

In 2013 he collected eight comics he made with Ella Gall, his script writer, in a comic book called “Glimpses of Comfort”, which was published by Stripnjak Comics from Sarajevo. 

In 2014 Modesty Comics from UK published "The Healing Island", his first solo graphic novel.

His second graphic novel "The Silent Flight of a Seagull" is also publised by Modesty Comics in 2017.

He is Stripnjak Zine editor in a small-press project Stripnjak Comics   


And artist/member of CRVENA


He lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.