Glimpses of Comfort

Glimpses of Comfort - Collection of comics about obsessions, freedom and romance
Writer: Ella Gall
Art: Kostja Ribnik
Published by Stripnjak Comics
Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) May 2013
58 page, A5, B&W (color cover), staple bound.

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“...this comic book does not, as it might seem, glorify the autistic
sensibility or the ultimate adequacy of the cognitive interiority, but
it offers a critique of the dominant forms of emancipation in
modern liberal democracy.” - Excerpt from afterword by Šefik Tatlić

“Haunting tales from the depths of the foggy Sarajevo underground.
Lonely bottle collectors, noiselife, winther, weltschmerz and strangely
familiar weirdness.” - Andreas Brandal, Stripnjak editor

"The stories are drawn with clear lines and provide a unique view of the world around us. This view is a bit peculiar, but still poetic and full of empathy for life and other human beings." - Modesty Comics