Tuesday 4 August 2015


My latest short comic Štipouh is solo online now. Bosnian language. From #2 Stripnjak zine.

Wednesday 29 July 2015

Stripnjak on ComiXconnection group exhibition (Sarajevo, BiH)

This was during the Stripiti Comic Festival in Sarajevo (Umjetnička galerija BiH). We missed the opening (we were on the road, see previous post) but Ella and I saw exhibition few days ago. ComiXconnection is a travel exhibition/explorer of local alternative comics scenes around the Balkans. They travel, collect, exhibit. Everything active right now in Balkans indie/alternative comics (press, festivals, artists) is on this exhibition. Don't miss it in your town!
Find more about project here.
Big thanks to Beate from ComiXconnection and Filip and Emir from Stripiti festival who made this possible.

Ella and I took some photos:

Each artist had these aluminum "about me" tablets.
Hmmm... my first comics exhibition.

Stripnjak big two-sided panel.

Stripnjak exhibition and promotion in Kuglana (Pag, Croatia)

I had wonderful time at this event. I spoke about Stripnjak Comics releases, comics in general and some craziness.

Photos by Elvis Šmit. Full gallery here.

Thursday 30 April 2015

Stripnjak Zine #1 hard copy OUT NOW on Stripnjak Comics

Stripnjak Zine #1 (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language)
April 2015, limited to 100 printed copies (I hand numbered each of them).
A5, 44 pages, B&W, staple bound.

Find more information and how to order it: www.stripnjak.com/p/zine-edition
Our printed edition have color cover while free digital edition have B&W cover :)

Sunday 26 April 2015

Stripnjak Zine #1 digital OUT NOW

As an new editor of Stripnjak Comics I made this first Stripnjak Zine. It is Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian language only with seven comics inside + two my short introduction comics in journal mode and some articles.

You can find here comics by great authors:

Nicola Vinciguerra (Italy)
Aleksander Ćurić (Serbia)
Svaig (Croatia)
Ella Gall (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Paul Jeter (USA)
Robert Clemmons jr. (USA)
Aaron Norhanian (USA)

Whole zine is available for free download in PDF format + more info on http://www.stripnjak.com/

This zine will be soon available in print and published on Stripnjak Comics.

Tuesday 24 March 2015

Recommendation for the latest releases on Stripnjak Comics and Modesty Comics


Stripnjak Comics from Bosnia/Norway (publisher of Glimpses of Comfort by Ella Gall and me) and Modesty Comics from UK (they published my debut graphic novel The Healing Island) have some great new graphic things in I highly recommend.

Check it out:

Aleksander Ćurić - Seed Unknown (Stripnjak 2015)
Stripnjak minicomic #3
February 2015, limited to 50 copies
A5, 20 pages B&W, color cover, staple bound

"Small art book/illustrated story/zine, whatever you want to call it, it's just great thing to read. It's Unknown Seed!
Written and drawn by Aleksander Ćurić from Serbia who also make things like SPATIAL COMICS and industrial electronic music under the name SLKOIL."

Available to buy as print and as an e-book (PDF and CBR) in English

Mladen Oljaca - Illustrations (Modesty Comics 2015)

"If the illustration is without spirit, which is given by the author, it remains merely just to do the job, mechanically transferring words into lines and shapes, filling the gaps on the page. The author of this book of illustrations is certainly not someone who just does the job."
(Ilija Bakić,writer, from the introduction of this book)

Available to buy as an e-book (PDF) in ENGLISH/Serbian.