Wednesday 29 July 2015

Stripnjak on ComiXconnection group exhibition (Sarajevo, BiH)

This was during the Stripiti Comic Festival in Sarajevo (Umjetnička galerija BiH). We missed the opening (we were on the road, see previous post) but Ella and I saw exhibition few days ago. ComiXconnection is a travel exhibition/explorer of local alternative comics scenes around the Balkans. They travel, collect, exhibit. Everything active right now in Balkans indie/alternative comics (press, festivals, artists) is on this exhibition. Don't miss it in your town!
Find more about project here.
Big thanks to Beate from ComiXconnection and Filip and Emir from Stripiti festival who made this possible.

Ella and I took some photos:

Each artist had these aluminum "about me" tablets.
Hmmm... my first comics exhibition.

Stripnjak big two-sided panel.