Original art gallery

Welcome to my new section of graphic obsession. Here you can find some of my recent drawings and original comic art pages in three different series. All drawings/paintings are made with my standard comic-art-techniques.
Feel free to contact me if you want any of these on your wall - my e-mail is here
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Also, This World is On Mad and Sarajevo The Comic City series are planned to be updated weekly. 

Sarajevo The Comic City Series:
Comics/graphics of Sarajevo daily surroundings

"Supermuun" paper, framed (18x24cm) SOLD

"Ljeto u neboderu" paper, framed (15x20cm) SOLD

"Miran dan u kvartu" paper, framed (30x24cm)SOLD

"Uživo iz Sarajeva" small canvas (18x12cm) SOLD

"Vrelina #01" small canvas (18x12cm) €15/30BAM
"Starman" 230g paper, dip-pen/brush, ink & lavir ink. Original one page comic framed (25x35cm) €250/500BAM
"Who? Mmmm..." small canvas (18x12cm) NOT AVAILABLE

This World Is On Mad! Series:
Surreal urban party time!

Stay tuned for more in this new series as I made this first one as a gift to friend.

"tHIS wORLD iS ON mAD - The First One" canvas (30x24cm) NOT AVAILABLE

The Healing Island Series: 
Dreamscape stories from Island of Pag
"Ajmo zafumat" Ink, lavir ink, markers, etc. SOLD

"Leptir" Canvas. Ink, lavir ink, colour pencils, etc. SOLD

White gel-pen and white pencil on black paper. SOLD

Small canvas drawings (18x12cm) Ink, lavir ink, markers, etc. SOLD

"Otočić" canvas (30x20cm) SOLD

"Nona s otočića šije" canvas (30x20cm) NOT FOR SALE

"Nona s otočića #01" canvas (30x25cm) NOT FOR SALE

"Nona s otočića leti" canvas (30x20cm) SOLD

"Partizansko groblje #01" canvas (30x20cm) SOLD

"Moj prijatelj drvo" canvas (18x12cm) SOLD