Friday 20 September 2013

Preview of my "working on" comic

So, here is small preview of my new longer comic. I'm still "not ready" to share more pages. The drawing style in this comic is more loose and romantic, similar to my shorts "Winter Song" and "Autumn Love Story".

Also, I made "handwritten" font specially for this comic as there will be so much text and I'm still editing dialogues. This is much easier, saving time, paper and will be easy to translate as I'm writing all in Bosnian.

Thursday 12 September 2013

Happy birthday Markus!

To my friend and great musician Markus S. (aka Idklang) who helped me plotting my upcoming "graphic+novel".
You should check out: OUT NOW: Idklang / Cordyceps Split

Wednesday 11 September 2013

Friday 30 August 2013

Working on...

...some longer comic. I have 76 pages done (of some more than 100). Let's just say it is a romantic story!

Saturday 27 July 2013

One month of crazyness in Dalmatia

I just got back from crazy summer of comics, noise and great people.
Ella and I were interviewed for great radio show in Split (Croatia) called "Bučni stripovi" (Noise Comics) by amazing two people Maja and Svaig. They making comics and noise! You should check out their Bandcamp page.
Also if you click on the image it will link you to their radio show page (show is in Croatian).

We had so much great time with Split people like Sonja Gašperov who makes beautiful comics "Vučine" and after Split we moved to isle of Pag with our friend and musician Markus Steinkelner aka Idklang in his big touring car.
So he played in Pag's squatted old bowling place I mentioned in some older post. I made a poster and just xerox copy and paste it all over the town with Ella.

Later this summer we met guys from Split again when they played in Pag. I made for them poster too.

So much fun and work. I managed to find the story for my upcoming big comic and finished whole storyboard (around 60 pages, made mostly on the beach and my terrace). Thanks to Markus S. who helped me with main character. More news about this work soon!

Below photo, our friends from Pag, Ella and me (we are only wearing black and without glasses :)!) on 18th meridian which passes through center of isle of Pag.

Friday 7 June 2013

Modesty Comics platform from UK

Check out this great platform for (mostly) Balkan comic artists which writes in English, including some great artists like Iztok Sitar and Wostok.

You can also find my "Sleep Museum" and "Winter Song" on their great online comic reader in spreads like you are reading real book (click on image to read):

Friday 24 May 2013

"Glimpses of Comfort" out now and about Stripiti fest in Sarajevo

I'm really happy to announce this little book of short comics by Ella and me. You can download DRM free PDF version (or donate if you want €1.)

Download "Glimpses of Comfort" from  Internet Archive.

If you’d like a hard copy of this book, please contact me for availability and shipping total or multiple order discount.

Price is €2,50 + shipping to your country.
58 page, A5, B&W (color cover), staple bound. Order via this page.

This book will be available soon in some comic book stores in Bosnia Herzegovina and probably in Canada, France, USA and Norway.

Also on "Stripiti" comic festival in Sarajevo from May 29 to May 31 2013. See you there!

“...this comic book does not, as it might seem, glorify the autistic
sensibility or the ultimate adequacy of the cognitive interiority, but
it offers a critique of the dominant forms of emancipation in
modern liberal democracy.”
- Excerpt from afterword by Šefik Tatlić

“Haunting tales from the depths of the foggy Sarajevo underground.
Lonely bottle collectors, noiselife, winther, weltschmerz and strangely
familiar weirdness.”
- Andreas Brandal, Stripnjak editor

The 2nd Stripiti Fest, festival of comic books which promotes BiH authors and comic books in BiH will be held from 29 to 31 May.
The festival is organised by the Association ‘Drugi ugao’ in cooperation with Goethe Institute and ‘Cure’ Foundation.
During the festival the 6th exhibition of BiH comic books will be presented and the exhibition of works from the competition ‘Parodija’ which was opened until 20 May. Apart from these two exhibitions, visitors will have the opportunity to see works of German and Croatian comic book artists and attend the presentation of BiH and regional comic books.
Festival will be held on three locations, in Goethe Institute, Sarajevo War Theatre and in Kriterion where there will be Stripiti Party on the last night of the festival and it’ll be hosted by Audio InFunktion.
(source: radiosarajevo)

Wednesday 15 May 2013

"Chanson d'hiver " ("Winter Song" in French)

We have this comic now in French version thanks to Ivan Radeljković, our friend who lives in Paris lately. You can check out his South Slavish/French poetry translation project on his blog:

This comic (in English) is also on web comic section on Stripovi dot com.

Also more translation of our comics to French, German and Italian coming soon!
Read French version here.

Friday 10 May 2013

Hell on Pag

Last week Ella and I had beautiful crazy days in Pag. We went to 1st of may festival organized by Bataja Pag in old squatted bowling club. This place was center of fun back in 80ties, than abandoned and ruined inside until this lovely punk people made it live again.
So, small group of people made in a few days great pieces of mosaic all over the main walls, it looks like a huge comic!. Also we met two nice guys from Rijeka, Vedran & Dorijan. Check out Vedran's art here.
I jumped in fun and made little comic about them on gutter between their mosaics.

Photos by Vedran, Vjeko and Ella.

"Pakleni mozaik" - Mosaic from Hell comic

Saturday 27 April 2013

Welcome to Sleep Museum

Sleep Museum is now online! It has 16 pages and it's so far the longest one I published here. In older posts I explained some details about the process and techniques I used. Again, I need to thank my resident writer Ella Gall for this story.
Full comic you can read on my web comics section. (opens in new window directly to this comic)

Friday 26 April 2013

This Funny Story

New version (now in color and English) of one of my oldest comics and collaboration with Ella Gall.
full comic here. (opens in new window)

Tuesday 9 April 2013

Sleep Museum

This 16 pages comic is almost done. I just need to finish "pretentious" last page. So here, I used brown colored (grey scanned) baking paper collages as some textured backgrounds and shadows combined with muddy watercolor stains. Everything else is just "ligne claire" with few solid digital greyscale surfaces.

Sunday 24 March 2013

Don't Edit Sober (color version)

I added some color blend to have more vibe of wine, absinthe and brandy in this one page strip about writing, alcohol and inspiring relationship.

Saturday 23 March 2013

Or All the Worlds with Bottles

Finally, for all of you non-Bosnian speaking readers, Swift the lonely bottle collector guy have English version now. It's first comic collaboration I made with Ella Gall somewhere in winter 2012. Also, it's my first drawn comic after big brake and those panels assaulting with some funny disconnected lines style I drastically abandoned lately but I love it, especially the panel where Swift wants to play record and there is bottle on his turntable. Just thinking, we can see his bottle collection but wait to see his record collection! Maybe in sequel - Or All the Worlds with Noise records!
Anyway, Bosnian language original was exposed during "Stripiti" - Sarajevo comic festival in April 2012 and it was interesting to see nice diversity of styles from various people from Bosnia who make comics.

Read full comic here (opens in new window).

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Currently working on...

...two new comix. They are very different in vibe so it's good for relaxation to jump from one to another.


Pictures above: Inking "Sleep Museum" sixth page and working on small details of "The Masterpiece Experiment" first page   

"Sleep Museum" is a new sci-fi story by my resident writer Ella Gall (cyber punk meets some adult fantasy atmosphere) and will have 22 pages. I completely freaked out when I read the first line: "It was the night when radiators stopped working", I had whole comic in my head!

The other one is "The Masterpiece Experiment". My semi-autobiographical short (4 pages) about some experiences with my DIY noise devices and noise-tape-trade culture.

Considering my current rhythm they will be done in a 5-6 days and nights.

Also, (for now year and a half) I'm slowly finishing my (150+ pages) "graphic novel" thing and considering my current rhythm it will be done next year...

BTW, when we searched for "originality" of Sleep Museum title we discovered some cool bleak-electro project with that name (for which some of our friends knew but we didn't), you should check it out
Anyway, I had in mind some other project when I started on this story, it is great harsh noise duo consisting of Andreas Brandal and Cole Peters called Museums of Sleep
So, pretty much noise for inspiration while drawing this thing!

Here are the first pages of these new titles:

Tuesday 12 February 2013

Melancholy Brothel

New strip about obsessions, freedom and romance. Four pages.
Read full story here.