Wednesday 20 February 2013

Currently working on...

...two new comix. They are very different in vibe so it's good for relaxation to jump from one to another.


Pictures above: Inking "Sleep Museum" sixth page and working on small details of "The Masterpiece Experiment" first page   

"Sleep Museum" is a new sci-fi story by my resident writer Ella Gall (cyber punk meets some adult fantasy atmosphere) and will have 22 pages. I completely freaked out when I read the first line: "It was the night when radiators stopped working", I had whole comic in my head!

The other one is "The Masterpiece Experiment". My semi-autobiographical short (4 pages) about some experiences with my DIY noise devices and noise-tape-trade culture.

Considering my current rhythm they will be done in a 5-6 days and nights.

Also, (for now year and a half) I'm slowly finishing my (150+ pages) "graphic novel" thing and considering my current rhythm it will be done next year...

BTW, when we searched for "originality" of Sleep Museum title we discovered some cool bleak-electro project with that name (for which some of our friends knew but we didn't), you should check it out
Anyway, I had in mind some other project when I started on this story, it is great harsh noise duo consisting of Andreas Brandal and Cole Peters called Museums of Sleep
So, pretty much noise for inspiration while drawing this thing!

Here are the first pages of these new titles: