Monday 15 December 2014

Magic calendar time!

It's time for 2015 calendars! I made few versions of little pocket calendars with themes from my comics and they can be used as a more useful bizcards too. They will be included for some time with any orders of my print comics.

Also I made this digital desktop calendar for Modesty Comics, publisher of my The Healing Island book.
It's all hand lettered! You have 2 versions to choose (blue and grey) and download for free here.

Sunday 9 November 2014

Things I found around #0

I just have idea to mention here some of the things I found lately on streets, nature and all around. You know, like rocks from nice beaches, funny pieces of glass or leaves. But i'll show some for me interesting pieces, things which are kind of funny and have some crazy story.

So, I have here piece of broken green plastic triangle I found this summer on sea side. It's washed with salty air and could be old one to two years. Founded on street far away from dense population area, almost in hills.

The thing is that at home I have triangle of the same dimensions and design, only grey. This is not some OMG coincidence as they probably have some same standards (in triangle industry), but it's funny thing.
I scanned it and put it one on top of another for comparison.

This drawing is from the future
This one too. From November 23 2017
News from the future:

Monday 8 September 2014

September in Sarajevo

Epkhwf... So, after seven summer weeks of craziness on "the real" Healing Island and around I'm back in my "city life" and my computer.

Just finished pilot episode of my first superhero comic! It's written by Emir Pašanović and here is one sample page for now:

Also, after my debut comic book "The Healing Island" I'm ready to start drawing my new book. Actually, I have two stories to tell that I wrote/sketch this summer so will probably work on both of them, if that is possible for me, will see.

In the meantime I'll probably put here and there some short comics like these thumbnail listed in right column there →

I posted my latest 14 pages comic "Komadić sira" aka "Slice of Cheese" in that section but it's for now in Bosnian language. It's kind of trip through my neighborhood!
Find it here.

Saturday 16 August 2014

Thursday 29 May 2014

New short comics in print

Latest short comics are now in print as a Stripnjak Mini Comics editions (A5, staple bound). You can also find both comics on new Stripnjak Facebook page.
"Nine Lives" is written by Ella Gall and "Komadić sira" by me (for now this one is in Bosnian language).

Saturday 17 May 2014

"The Healing Island" Out now on Modesty Comics

My longest, so far, comic is out now on Modesty Comics from UK as a ebook. You can find it here. You have some twenty pages preview too.

Here is small collage/trailer:

Thursday 3 April 2014

"Oly sokan vagytok..." and Punk in Vojvodina

"So Many" comic by Nenad Popović and me now in newspapers Képes Ifjúság from Vojvodina in Hungarian language.

Also page from "Sleep Museum" comic is used for Više od milimetra + Testet ölt show in Temerin, Vojvodina. With wonderful punk design by guy from one of those two bands. Show is this Saturday, so if you are near check it out.

Sunday 23 February 2014

So Many...

This is English version of comic from previous post. You have also songs for this comic in little player under.

Friday 14 February 2014

Stripe Zvukan - new Stripnjak edition!

New edition of Stripnjak comics debuting now with:

Stripe Zvukan edition #01  
Third I/D.K.R. Toliko vas je - strip/split singl

01: Third I- Susreti sa sobom
02: David Konstantin Ribnikowski - Memoari

"Toliko vas je"
Text by Nenad Popović
Art by Kostja Ribnik

Check it out and free download full release on Stripnjak Comics.

Friday 10 January 2014

Auld lang syne

So, I'm in New year now. A lot of beautiful stuff happened in 2013. Spring and summer was awesome, autumn weird, winter weird, christmas weird as usual, NY Eve crazy. I met a lot of nice people. Saw some great concerts. Read some great comix...Anyway...
...I finished my long comic. It's now in hands of my first readers until I decide what to do with it. Stay tuned.