Sunday 9 November 2014

Things I found around #0

I just have idea to mention here some of the things I found lately on streets, nature and all around. You know, like rocks from nice beaches, funny pieces of glass or leaves. But i'll show some for me interesting pieces, things which are kind of funny and have some crazy story.

So, I have here piece of broken green plastic triangle I found this summer on sea side. It's washed with salty air and could be old one to two years. Founded on street far away from dense population area, almost in hills.

The thing is that at home I have triangle of the same dimensions and design, only grey. This is not some OMG coincidence as they probably have some same standards (in triangle industry), but it's funny thing.
I scanned it and put it one on top of another for comparison.

This drawing is from the future
This one too. From November 23 2017
News from the future: