Monday 13 March 2017

The Silent Flight of a Seagull

New graphic novel in English

The Silent Flight of a Seagull, my second graphic novel is now available in English language thanks to Modesty Comics from London, UK.
Big thanks to Živojin Tamburić (editor), Dijana Misaljević (translation), and Ilija Bakić (foreword).

You can purchase it here (with 19 pages preview too):

Also: The Silent Flight of a Seagull - Kindle Edition and Paperback on Amazon.

"This graphic novel ... is intriguing, sweet and sour, oppressive and gentle. It is a narrative about a young, extremely sensitive individual."
(From foreword by Ilija Bakić)

I wrote already in my Stripnjak Zine about great things Modesty Comics are doing in presenting some of the most interesting comics authors from this (Balkan) part of the world and wider, bringing those rare-to-find stories to worldwide English speaking audience (and vice versa what they doing with Modesty Stripovi translating and publishing artists like Seth, Brian Talbot or Miguelanxo Prado in Serbian language). 
A lot of beautiful, intimate, funny and weird quality comics are easily to find and purchase on Modesty Comics website. I feel really great as a young comics artist for being part of their catalogue with authors I admire and who brought such a quality ideas, styles and inspiration to me and for the whole comics world.